After 15 years…it’s time for a change. Fifteen years ago, Content Management Systems (CMSs) were just getting started, and websites were coded manually, one line of HTML at a time. Nowadays, a robust CMS seamlessly integrates streaming media like YouTube into the website. As the Goshen Amateur Radio club meetsContinue Reading

From D-Lab Electronics: Heathkit IT-28 Capacitor Checker Repair plus demo Vintage Test gear how-to. This instrument needed some help but turned out great. Very handy for troubleshooting old amps. Heathkit was the best kit company back in the day.

This video addresses some issues with an Astron RS-35A power supply. Learn a quick way to see if the pass transistors are all working. Also an explanation of how linear power supplies operate.

From D-Lab Electronics: No grid drive? Better take a look at your VFO. Many of these radios travel thru D-lab. Most all need this service. Yes, the VFO is the hardest area to service. However, if you do it right the first time, the radio will be good for manyContinue Reading