[GARC Announce] Silent Key NR9M

Tod Schmucker schmucker at usa.net
Tue Dec 6 10:40:08 EST 2005

It is with grate sadness I pass along information that "David T" Schaefer 
NR9M became a silent key on the afternoon of Monday Dec 5, 2005.  In the 
early 80 & 90's David T while living in the Nappanee area was very active in 
Amateur Radio and promoting the functions Amateur Radio offer. He also 
became an aggressive VE examiner along with his brother Wes and help cover 
most of North Central Indiana, including organizing the VE testing at the Ft 
Wayne Hamfest for several years.

Dave suffered from a rare, swift, debilitating disorder called "Frontal Lobe 
Dementia".  His wife Sandy and their kids have allowed the medical community 
to examine what may have caused this, in hopes of helping others in the 

A memorial service will be performed at a later date.


Tod Schmucker - WD9ATU


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